The Reality now is

10 Million Kenyans are food insecure and

most of them live under food relief.


Our Story


Having worked with farmers at rural villages in Kenya for five years, we got first hand experience on challenges faced by most of them while carrying out their farming activities. Biggest challenge of all was that most farmers can not afford artificial fertilizers offered in shops.This is because most of fertilizers are produced overseas and because of logistical mark up they end up being more expensive, this leads to poor yields in many farms and thus hunger and poverty every year. Artificial fertilizers offered in shops are not only expensive but make most soils acidic and pollute environment degrading soils every year.

Eden Soil Oganix ltds specializes in development, promotion and distribution of organic fertilizers. With most fertilizers produced overseas and then imported and distributed to rural areas, this makes it expensive and un affordable to most of the farmers hence contributing to food insecurity in Kenya. We fill this gap by making high quality organic fertilizers at villages using locally available materials and labor thereby creating employment to youth and women while also reducing cost of production to most farmers in Kenya who are able to buy our products. With continued demand for cleaner, healthy farm produce, Eden soil oganix has embarked in making and supplying high quality, environmental friendly organic fertilizers both for soil application and foliar sprays.

Our products

Supa Mago

Is a balanced foliar fertilizer rich in macro and micro nutrients. Best for crop maintenance, fruit ripening and berry formation

Mazao Bora Organic Fertilizer

Best soil conditioner, rich in macro and micro nutrients and improves soil life while increasing water retention and soil structure

Bio-Feed Foliar

Is best for vegetative growth and helps in chlorophyll formation thereby helping crops to mature early and increases harvesting cycle in case of vegetables

Fosfite Plus

Uses Rich in phosphorous, calcium and silicon. Best for coating seeds before planting to give your crop added vigour and early maturity

Farmer Training

We train farmers in more productive and sustainable agriculture.

Its Eden soil Oganix mission to see all farming in 

Kenya transformed to Organic farming.

Get Involved

At Eden Soil Oganix we like partnering with like minded organizations and individuals interested in supporting our work either through donations,buying our products or volunteering.

If interested you can contact us through:

 + 254 759 545 249 or  + 254 756 170 022



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